Who We Are

Meet our New CEO

Community Promise is pleased to announce that Angela Brown has joined its staff as the  Credit Union CEO. Angela earned her finance degree from Wayne State University. She most recently worked for the Army Corps of Engineers; and previously was Vice President of Operations for a credit union.

In one respect, Angela Brown's moving here from Royal Oak, Mich. is a bit of a return, not a completely new experience. Angela's first visit to Kalamazoo was to help move her daughter to Western Michigan University, where she subsequently earned a bachelor's degree in nursing. Angela's youngest daughter is currently attending college.
Now that she has relocated, Angela continues to be impressed with the passion and philanthropy found throughout Kalamazoo County.  

 "What most excites me about becoming a part of the Kalamazoo community is the depth of devotion to philanthropic endeavors I see everywhere, and the many action plans that have already been put in place. These efforts align perfectly with my own passion for working with people to improve their lives."
Angela's vision for expanding CPFCU's products and services has already begun. A Spanish-speaking teller recently was hired and began working in April. Credit union hours will be expanded this summer, and financial planning outreach programs are being developed in conjunction with other nonprofit agencies.

Board of Directors

Jim Houston (Chair)
Business and Finance Professor

Frank Jamison (Board Member)

Kathleen Fuller
Western Michigan University 

Tom Breznau (Development Committee)
TCB Enterprises

Pam Cassino
Consulting Services

Bob Parks (Treasurer)
CPA, Doeren Mayhew

Terri Hutchins (Board Member)

Michael Smith
Western Michigan University 


Staff and Committee Volunteers

Angela Brown (CEO)

David Thomas (Member Service Representative)

Bob Brown (Credit Committee Chair)

Eric Thompson (Credit Committee Member)

Patty Smetana (Marketing Committee Chair)


Service on the Board and on the Credit and Supervisory Committees is subject to review and approval by the National Credit Union Administration.