For Direct Deposit, please use the follow routing and transit number: 0724  8685  6 and your Community Promise FCU account number  

Check Cashing: $3 per check without a compensating balance. (Excludes State and Federal checks). A hold may apply to personal checks and any large dollar checks.

Money Orders: $2 per money order

Official Checks: $3 per check

Copy machine copies: $.10 per page

Notary Service: free with account, $3 without account

Outgoing Domestic Wire Transfer: $20

Outoing Foreign Wire Transfer: $35


Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF): $20

Returned check (deposited): $5

Garnishment/Levy - Court Ordered: $40

Account Closing: $5 within 90 days of opening

Dormant Account (inactive 12 months excludes Minor’s) - $5 per month

Reopen Account: $10

Gift Card Fee: $2.95

Prepaid Debit Card Fee: $3.95 (For a complete list of prepaid debit card fees, please refer to prepaid debit card disclosure statement)

Returned Mail Fee: $2.00

Loan Application Fee $10.00

Skip a Payment Fee $20.00 per loan